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Bauer Vapor Sticks vs. Electronic Cigarette Vapor Sticks

Recently people have been asking me about vapor sticks but they did not mean the Bauer hockey sticks. They actually had electronic cigarettes in mind which some people also call vapor sticks. What a confusion - what a mess! Let me explain both for you.

Bauer Vapor Sticks are high quality hockey sticks that provide a balanced feel and great control over the puck. One of their best models is the VAPOR APX Composite Stick. There are so many types of hockey sticks to buy and the best one for you really depends on your playing style. For hockey stick reviews I would recommend HockeyUS.com, a great hockey review site.
Bauer's slogan is "For playmakers looking for a responsive stick with unmatched balance and feel." which is somewhat funny because smokers want a responsive e-cigarette stick that tastes balanced and feels good in the hands!

E-cigarette vapor sticks (usually just called eCigs) are battery powered smoking devices that deliver a nicotine vapor when you inhale. Apparently they are becoming very popular because they do not leave any bad odor behind, do not contain tobacco and tar, and still satisfy the smokers nicotine cravings. If you want to know more about eCigs then you should check out this blog about a popular brand called blu cigs e-cigarette.







Two Minutes in the Sin Bin

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